Water Features

Water features have always being a very popular part of a landscaped garden both in the past and today. They can be both a retreat within a garden and also a focal point which complements the landscaped garden. They can be both formal and informal and can be constructed to accommodate different requirements including areas where children have access.

Granite stone runway incorporating feature

Apart from the tranquil aspect of the water feature (sound and reflection) a water feature is a totally separate environment within a garden. It will quickly teem with life and attract many different birds and insects which can be of great interest to both adults and childr

Water in a garden can be safely used where young children play by providing a sump type water feature, where the water disappears between stones or rocks and is recycled back up again. Both the sound and movement of the water is maintained as well as safety.

Brick and Stone Water Feature

Deck Over Pond

Water feature with country cobble patio/steps

Limestone Water Feature

Various Water Features