Tegula Bracken with charcoal sets as border

with clarke drain recess cover

New driveways are a great enhancement to any home in both a practical manner (space for that second car in the drive) and visually (complements house and garden). Also from experience a driveway can add greater value than its cost to your property and can greatly help in selling a house.

Driveways come in both natural stones and manufactured materials. The different types are usually chosen depending on the age and appearance of the house

Pebble type Driveways

Tegula Ceder with Tan Sets

All these materials are used by us for various driveway situations. Indian Sandstone is used mainly in different sizes with the rustic side facing up, set on hardcore base with a Sand :Cement mix 3:1 and recess grouting 2:1 with coloured dye or sand as necessary.

Liscannor and Donegal quartz can be used randomly as Crazy Paving or cut in different sizes to give a more formal appearance. The method for laying is the same as for the Indian Sandstone.

Pebble driveways are popular with older houses and longer driveways .They are usually surrounded with a retaining border and solid surface at entrance and at doorways. All our pebble driveways are laid on a hardcore base with mypex underlay to prevent weed growth and come in many varieties of stones and colours.

Manufactured Paving; There are mainly two types of paving in this category used by us

Standard Paviors.

Rumbled or rustic paving.

Tegula heather with charcoal sets as border
Tegula Cedar
Tegula Cedar with Charcoal Sets
Mellifont various colours

Tegula Heather 60MM set as diagonal and charcoal circle

Tegula bracken with charcoal sets as border

Mellifont all colours and sizes

Both these paving materials are laid on a suitably compacted sub base below a compacted base of hardcore below a layer of course grit sand. After the paving is laid a fine sand is brushed into the joints and the paving is further compacted and is then ready to drive on

tegula bracken with charcoal sets as edge
tegula heather courtyard design
shannon bracken tegula heather with charcoal sets